Yearly pattern of questions asked from different subjects in last 5 papers conducted by CSIR-HRD of NET-JRF for PHYSICAL SCIENCES

Subjects June 2011  Dec 2011  June 2012  Dec 2012  June 2013    3.5 M  5 M  3.5 M  5 M  3.5 M  5 M  3.5 M  5 M  3.5 M  5 M  Mathematical Methods of Physics 4  3  5  4  6  4  4  4  4  5  Classical Mechanics 3  4  4  5  4  3  4  […]

Professional training an edge over university system to crack CSIR-NET(Physical Sciences)

Professional Guidance is the need of the hour which comprises of the following points: Directed Approach  Focus is on analytical and reasoning based methodology of the subject rather being derivative and theoretical, as observed with university guidance Promptness and Alertness The two P’s that is Pace and Preparedness are the essential feature of Professional guidance […]

Basic mantras for Success in IIT-JAM (Physical Sciences)

Utilize the Summer Vacation Period Begin your preparation from the month of May; cover at least three topics of  syllabus till July  Absolute Coverage Complete  whole of your syllabus till November ; Benefit of which can be used for TIFR exam  conducted in the same month.  Focussed Approach Concentrate on solving previous year question paper […]

Why cutoff of IIT-JAM (PHYSICS)- 2013 was low ?

It was the first time since 2004 when we had experienced a drastic change in the pattern of question paper where a reshuffling was made with the introduction of newer section containing fill in the blanks with 30% significance. The contrasting pattern representing the significance to various sections in question paper is represented in Table1(a). […]