IIT-JAM/ IISc & NET Regular Classroom Program in Physics

IIT-JAM/IISc & NET regular classroom program is an initiative of fiziks coaching institute at Delhi centre for physical sciences. Since June 2012 CSIR has allowed graduate students to appear in NET examination. This is great opportunity for graduate students who are appearing for IIT-JAM/IISc. So fiziks launches IIT-JAM/IISc & NET regular classroom program. It will also help graduate students to qualify exams like JEST, TIFR, JNU, HCU, BHU, ISM, DU and other M.Sc. entrance examinations.

IIT-JAM/IISc regular classroom program is six months course and IIT-JAM/IISc & NET regular classroom program is one year course commenced in last week of May. This program will help B.Sc. students to appear IIT-JAM/IISc in February and NET exam in month of June. IIT-JAM/IISc regular classroom program is extensive program in which classes will be held 4 days in a week. Students who want to join IIT-JAM/IISc & NET course have to attend classes 7 days a week after completion of IIT-JAM/IISc syllabus. Every day at least 4 hours of classroom teaching is provided. There may be holiday with mutual decision by students and management.

There is specialized faculty for each topic of IIT-JAM/IISc & NET syllabus. Faculty at fiziks coaching institute is highly experienced and professional whose educational background is from reputed institute like I.I.T, J.N.U and B.H.U etc. The approach of each faculty is to first develop basic understanding of each topic by explaining the concepts and solving problems based on the same concept. Then tricky and competition based problem will be discussed in the class. There is separate doubt session for each topic. Students can take personal guidance by concerned faculty only after giving prior information to management.

After completion of each topic part test will be conducted. Printed study materials will be provided to students. Study material includes detailed theory, solved examples and set of objective questions for practice. All India Test Series (IIT-JAM/IISc and NET) is the integral part of the IIT-JAM/IISc & NET regular classroom program. Solutions of the test series will be discussed in classroom.

The fee for IIT-JAM/IISc program is Rs. 28,000/-
The fee for IIT-JAM/IISc & NET program is Rs. 45,000/-

How to Join
Any student can attend the demo class and after attending the demo classes student have to decide whether he wants to join the institute or not. If he is satisfied with the class then he has to take admission to continue his/her study. Student can submit the fees in one or in two installments.
fiziks is committed for quality and disciplined education and always open to support talented but economically poor students in term of scholarship as decided by management. Career of the student is fiziks's first priority. In any case if student is not selected in his/her first attempt he can further attend classes free of cost after giving prior information to management.